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All our mechanical components are well established reliable brands with a large range of spares available nation wide.
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Single Deck Horizontal Screens

Our machines are designed to handle from sand to iron ore with lump sizes up to 200mm. We use woven wire, polyurethane, wedge wire and profiled plate according to the application. We supply units up to 2440 wide and 6100 long.

Double Deck Horizontal Screens

The screens we build are fit for purpose. Light duty for applications such as the food industry to our heavy duty units for mining applications. When required we do FEA on our larger machines where we identify high stress areas with strain gauges as well as natural frequencies. The results are checked when the machine is built by doing a modal analyisis. This is a practical test against a theoretical design. It also confirms that the theoretical modeling has been done correctly. We supply units up to 2440 wide and 6100 long.

Inclined Screens

On the larger circular motion machines we have a cartridge arrangement that eliminates the long shaft connecting the exciters. On the smaller machines we use flange mounted vibrator motors. We also have inclined screens with elliptical and straight line motion. We supply this type of unit in single double and triple deck configuration. We supply units up to 2440 wide and 6100 long.


Vibrating Equipment Accessories & Spares

We supply a range of designed Feed Chutes, Discharge Chutes, Static and Dynamic Underpans. These are specifically designed to suit the screen so that spillage and interference are kept to a minimum. Various lining material such as rubber, hard wearing plate and ceramic lining are used. We can supply these as a add on item with the screen.

Vibrating Grizzly Feeders

We make a large range of grizzly Feeders We start with units 915 wide up to units 2500 wide handling rocks up to 1500 long. We manufacture special units to suit the needs of our customers.

Pan & Tube Feeders

We supply a range of feeders that are made in all shapes and sizes to best suit the application. Some are unique designs developed by us in conjunction with our customers. If you have a special need speak to us we may be able to help.


Min Master Front Ends

These systems are designed to be loaded with a 3000 wide wheel loader bucket with a capacity of 3.5m3. The feed rate depending on the belt speed is from 100tph to 550tph.

Skid Mounted Mini Min Master Front Ends

The units are a double deck unit without a hopper. Below the grizzly is a solid plate deck that transports the undersize material to a conveyor feeding a crusher, scrubber or a stockpile. The oversize material discharges off the end of the grizzly section, either onto a belt or over a barrier wall.

Trackless Mining Equipment

Our range of underground equipment is made up of a series of vibrating special low profile static and dynamic grizzly feeders and pan feeders. The units vary in design to suit our customer needs which are different on many mines.


Furnace Loading Cars

These are mounted on rails so the unit can be moved back and forth when feeding a furnace.
Vibrating Tables
These come in various forms and sizes to suit the application, handling Bulk Bags in a weigh system to foundry shake outs.

Humming Bird Vibratory Bridge Breakers

Our units have a good shakeout effect on Clogged, Arched, Rat Hole, and Intertwined material in hoppers. Our units can be used on square, rectangular and conical hoppers.

Permanent Dry Magnetic Separation

The Permanent magnet roll separator is a high-intensity, high-gradient magnetic separator for use on dry material. It is capable of separating a wide variety of materials from different industries in an efficient and economical manner. It has operated successfully in numerous production applications in various countries.


Port Handling Equipment & Specialized Conveyor loading systems


Portable Conveyors

Our Units are made of Modular Sections of 2400 long. Each module has an integral Deck Plate fitted with carry and return Idlers. Speeds vary from 0,5m/s to 2.0m/s Shaft

Port Handling Equipment & Specialized Conveyors

All of our Structures are designed and signed off by Professional Engineers. Conveyor belt widths, drive sizes, bearings and shafts are selected by our experts in the conveying field. Only the leading brands of shaft mounted or footmounted gearboxes are used.


Movable Conveyor Systems


Belt Conveyors


Circular Screens

Circular Screen with side mounted motor